It has been a disturbing last couple of weeks seeing all the sexual harassment coming to light from the scandal of the Harvey Weinstein debacle. The hashtag #metoo started by Alyssa Milano has sparked an outcry from women all over the world as we try to get back the power we lost from being demeaned or physically attacked by men who crossed our paths as children, young women or women in the workplace trying to start our careers.

I shared this hashtag on my Facebook feed because I too have been both physically and verbally attacked through the years. The details don’t matter, it’s the point of why men feel that they can take control over us that really bothers me. And the aftermath of the secret we hold because somehow we feel we caused it or did something to provoke it that seems really twisted.  People ask “Why did they keep working there with that monster?” or “Why didn’t she say something sooner?” all questions only the subject of the abuse can answer.

On my feed this week though, I saw the women responding to my timeline with either just the hashtag or a story of their own and I saw some power for themselves being taken back. Some might call it Girl Power, but I call it God Power. The enemy loves to come and steal your heart away, but he can never steal your soul if you ask God to protect you from ALL evil. It doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen, it just means you can go to a place to find strength beyond all understanding and get healing. Part of that is sharing past hurts with someone you trust. Secrets hurt you and can keep you captive, but letting it out, even to one person can release the pressure and free you from any guilt or pain. Prayer and meditation helps with this too. Just remember that God see all and knows all and it’s His timing that will be the truth giver. That is why after all this time that one man in Hollywood who seemed to be in control and have all the power came crashing down so hard. In time, good will always win over evil. I wholeheartedly believe that.

I have a girl power in my every day walk that can give me confidence, but I also have a God power. It starts my day to guide me and help me through the ugly parts of life and when it seems like things aren’t fair I pray on it. I wait for God to take control of the outcome or to guide me in the things I can do myself. Don’t let evil win. Take control of your life and ask God to help you do this through good trusted friendships, prayer time and walking in your truth.

How do you take back your power if it’s been taken from you? Leave your comments below and I pray that you have a great week!




I don’t even know where to start in this writing process this week as our California area is just being literally bombed with wildfires. My cousin has been evacuated, my friend has lost her home, many more people I know have friends and relatives in the same situation, and through it all we are being slammed with news coverage that brings me to my knees. Whole towns are being burned to the ground. I am feeling the stress, we can see and smell the smoke from hundreds of miles away and it is affecting people’s health.

And yet, I can’t imagine the loss and pain that people are experiencing first hand. So the only thing I can do is write my thoughts and prayerfully send a message that will go out to you and we can take action to bring hope to the people actually going through this disastrous time.

I have seen once again, the love and spirit of good people. A young woman I know that has such a love for animals that she takes a trailer full of supplies up to the area and saves countless animals from being burned to death or abandoned. A friend who offers up her home to someone for as long as it takes to rebuild their life which has been erased from this fire. A relative who checks in daily for updates and is at the ready to swing into action of driving up to help pack up a home that may be in the fire zone, and will literally carry out possessions, animals, people or anything else to help ease the pain of what is about to happen. Volunteers who offer food, clothing and a smile to people in need at this time. And of course the firefighters themselves who work endless hours to save us while at the same time may be losing their own homes in the process.

The human spirit is stronger than we think. And hope is right around the corner. Pain is real; we can’t take that away nor force it to hurry up. It’s a struggle and we must be empathetic to that. But we can walk someone through the process through our love, support and just a shoulder to cry on. Hope is free, it doesn’t cost a thing, it doesn’t ask for anything, and it sometimes in the midst of the horror can help us breathe and maybe put a smile on our face and give us the guts to move forward.

Figure out a way you can help today. Is it a phone call to someone in need? Can you give of your time or resources? Give someone the gift of hope that desperately needs it and feel a warmth in your heart give back to you what you will willingly pour out.


My Mother, My Hummingbird

“Legends say that hummingbirds float free of time, carrying our hopes, for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird’s delicate grace reminds us that life is rich, beauty is everywhere, every personal connection has meaning and that laughter is life’s sweetest creation.”   (taken from a Papyrus greeting card)

I have two places I like to pray and get close to God; one is in my bedroom with my cozy blankets wrapped around me with a hot cup of coffee and all my devotionals; the Bible and various journals all spread out across the bed, and the second place is my courtyard where all the lush flowers are blooming and my fountain flows water that soothes me.

A few months ago, I had my french doors open to my bedroom and looking out through the screen doors onto a beautiful view of hibiscus and a glistening pool with a green mountain backdrop. I was talking to God having my intimate conversation when all of a sudden this really obnoxious hummingbird flew towards the screen, then the hibiscus and back to the screen as if it were trying to tell me something…and then it was gone.

Over the next few months this kept happening no matter what time of the day it was. I would be praying in the morning, or sometimes the afternoon and here it would come being very loud and not as delicate as most hummingbirds, but still beautiful.

Yesterday, I was in my courtyard on the other side of the house. My heart was heavy with some real spiritual battles that had been going on for the last few days. Through my tears I was asking God for direction, healing, peace when all of a sudden; here was that hummingbird again, only this time it flew right by my face and hovered! I watched as it was trying to communicate with me in a language I didn’t quite understand and then it hit me! I had been joking with my daughter that the hummingbird was probably my mother coming to give me a bad time. We laughed because my mom could be the most obnoxious, loud person in the room and demanded attention.

But this day as I watched this bird, I realized she might be telling me something. As I watched it fly around the courtyard with it’s gracefulness, while at the same time being very vocal I tried to hear my mother’s voice and I could hear her saying “BE STRONG! ” (by the way, as soon as I typed those words, the hummingbird just fly by, and then left)

I believe God brings little worldly moments in our lives to comfort, strengthen and empower us to take action. We need to only look for it. And the only way to see the world through His lens is to spend time with Him. We often overlook the simple messages in life because we are blinded by the messages shooting at us at breakneck speed by earthly comforts we seek out. We forget the simpleness of being still, and watching nature. And maybe seeing a sign from God telling you “It’s going to be okay, listen to me”. And then maybe, just maybe ….you will find your hummingbird moment!

Have a great week my friends! Let me know how you experience the signs of love that God brings you.

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Where’s Your Center?

” Never underestimate His ability to answer anytime, anyplace, anywhere”

Mark Batterson, Drawing The Circle


A few weeks ago I was feeling depleted emotionally and hadn’t even cracked open any devotional, Bible, etc. because of it. I was tired. Tired of asking for answers to prayers, tired of trying to encourage others when I was empty myself.

But the funny thing is the more I stay away, the more I feel God’s voice pulling me back. So I listened and once I started up my prayer time and studying His words I felt so much peace and then I didn’t know what all the fuss was about! I want to stay in the circle of God. Just like the hurricanes that are invading our earth right now, the circle of the hurricane is where the calm is; it’s the outside that creates the crisis. It’s the same with us. We will always have struggles, crisis and pain outside, but if we stay in the circle of God’s love we can weather the storm.

The pain and struggle always passes and we can be left with destruction and the feeling of no way out, or we can rebuild our lives and ask God for direction to the next steps to move forward in spite of any situation that comes our way.

Prayer, and action toward that prayer makes me stronger and gives me reason to move on.  As long as God is the CENTER of my life, I’m calm, satisfied and trusting of each day He gives me. Even in the midst of the storm, I have a God who believes and fights for me and loves me!

How do you handle the “storms of life” when they come your way? I would love to connect with you! Please sign up for this blog weekly under the Contact page…