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Phylis Mantelli is an author, mentor, and speaker based in Silicon Valley. In overcoming her own childhood hardships, she has become an advocate for the unmothered— a mentor for women who have experienced mother/daughter dysfunction. Phylis nurtures a beautiful community of women; sharing truth, showing compassion, and expressing love to the daughters of women who didn’t know how to love them.

Phylis Mantelli

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Phylis would love to speak at your next event. Her story of breaking through the pain and becoming a daughter who loves her mom unconditionally will inspire the hearts of your audience and provide an actionable plan for dealing with the dysfunctions in their own lives.



Phylis Mantelli Author of Unmothered

Five Tips for Setting Boundaries

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Setting boundaries is the first step in creating a different life you have dreamed of without the chaos of your past. All these tips are geared towards a mother/daughter relationship, but you could use this for other family members or people in your life that are toxic.

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In her memoir Unmothered: Life with a Mom Who Couldn’t Love Me, popular blogger and speaker Phylis Mantelli takes readers on the roller-coaster journey of growing up with an alcoholic, narcissistic mother. Her book offers hope and encouragement to those struggling with dysfunctional family relationships.




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