Before Your Feet Hit The Floor

My sleepy eyes glance over at the old school digital clock on my nightstand. It has big glaring numbers that I can read without my glasses in the middle of the night. The time is 3 a.m. 

“Not again Lord,” I quietly say in my head. But I’m learning it is useless to try and have a debate with Him. With that I start hearing people’s names being downloaded into my brain. They are people He is asking me to pray for, I call them by name and silently pray for each one that He instructs me to and talk to Him about each one. After awhile, I am lulled back to sleep.

The alarm to my phone goes buzzes. I reach over and shut it off. It’s 7 a.m. I am more awake now. Before my feet hit the floor I want to acknowledge that I am grateful for one more day. This is the time when I am having a full conversation with God. Now I can tell Him about my fears of the day, the things I’m excited to tackle, pray for the safety of my family, all the many things that are on my mind.

I do this because our days are busy. We can jump out of bed and think we will spend time in prayer or meditation. If you are like me, sometimes I promise myself I will get to that prayer time or quiet moment. It doesn’t happen. Too much busyness gets in the way, and before we know it, it’s night time and we haven’t spent a peaceful moment all day.  Our stress becomes bigger and we feel overwhelmed by life. 

Bible reading is important, church is important, fellowship is important, but if you don’t even acknowledge a relationship with a God who is patiently waiting to talk with you; you’ve missed the point of your faith.  God speaks to you in whispers and signs. He wakes me up in the middle of the night to instruct me to the things that are important to Him. I hear Him clearly. But if I am too busy in my own head with all the deadlines, appointments and schedules of the day, I hear nothing but noise. I miss opportunities to help others. I become too “me” focused.

I watch and wait for instructions from a God that guides me to live my best life. I cherish the quiet time with Him, because then my days are more leveled and feel  more calmer. 

What do you think about before your feet hit the floor in the morning?

Are you taking a minute to plan out your day with Jesus?

Let me know if you try it for a week to see the difference ! 

Anna Vatuone