Stranded On An Island; What Would You Bring?

Good question! But honestly; if you knew you were going on a desert island and you could pack one suitcase, what would you bring?

This is part of the premise of a show I am intently watching called "The Castaways." The people are allowed to bring one suitcase of anything they want with them to an island. They are to stay on this island for an undetermined time. They have a choice to stay where they are, swim to the next island to see if someone else is there, or "tap out" and go home if they can't handle it. It is a true test of strength; mental and physical. There is no prize at the end. No one is playing against the other. It is a mostly a mental test.

Here's the catch; the suitcase they packed doesn't come with them. It gets placed on random islands. They also have a diary inside the suitcase. It talks about their lives back home.  Whoever lands on that particular island also ends up with someone else's suitcase. It could have food, matches, clothes, tools, etc.; but ultimately the most compelling part is when  people read the diaries. They come to know a stranger's  struggles back home and why they have decided to come on this journey.

So back to my question; what would you do? What would you pack? Could you handle it? What would you do if you were taken out of your every day comforts of home, even if it's a messed up life. Could you handle being alone, hungry, or could you be resourceful? Given time to reflect back on your life, would this be a good thing for you or would you miss home and the usual comforts we have become accustomed to?

In one of the episodes a women met up with another survivor and they made a connection. They decided to team up and stay together. As she was thinking of her life back home and some of the pressures she left behind, her conversation left her with this question; "Why, when we fail, and we WILL fail, do we beat ourselves up?" So, so true!

Last week when I talked about climbing that mountain, I talked about the journey on the way up. You WILL make mistakes on the way up. So why do we feel like we failed when something goes wrong? It's part of the journey. It's a learning experience. It doesn't make you a failure. It makes you stronger. No one chooses failure. It happens anyway. Do we give up because we fail, or do we keep going and figure out a better way? And sometimes we think our life is too much to handle. But what if we were taken away from the pressures and stress of our lives. Would we still make mistakes if we had a chance to start over?

There's a popular saying "Failure is not an option." Well, it's never our option, but it still happens. Your reaction and how you handle setbacks will determine how you finish this thing called life.

So stop beating yourself up over things that don't go the way you've planned. There's another plan. You may not know it, but God does. He never sees you as a failure. He sees you as golden. He sees you as a survivor. He sees you, in every way, every day. Keep going!

By the way, the person that I thought would be the first to leave on this TV show is the strongest, most generous person on the island. It proves to me to stay strong mentally, spiritually and physically. You will need it all when life strikes you down. Get back up and never give up.

How do you recharge or encourage yourself to keep going when life gets you down?

If you've been feeling like a failure lately, what's one thing you can do today to change how you feel?Let me know in the comments if this post encouraged you today!