Get Out Of The Boat!

This is Part Two from my original post of "Stranded On an Island? What Would You Bring?"

If you haven't read that post, read it first and then come back here. If you did read it then we will continue with the discussion.

The last episode of "The Castaways" had me riveted. A few people were left, and it had been over 6 weeks of being on the stranded island. Living off fish (when they could get it,) coconuts (when they weren't rotten,) and such exhaustion and hunger that I felt weak for them.

Two main characters stuck out to me. Kenzi and Robbie. The bond between them from the start was so strong and never wavered.  One of the quotes from the press release from this show was as follows:

"testing the human need for companionship under extreme circumstances."

It's not surprising to me that we need human companionship when times are tough. I  watched these two cheer each other on.  It was heartwarming watching them talk of their fears and procrastination of their lives back home. They knew that when they returned, they would have to do things differently.

It got me thinking about our own fears and procrastination in our own lives.  It was brought to my attention again at a recent women's retreat I attended. And while human companionship is necessary, there is a bigger adversary for our lives.

At the retreat, two of my favorite Women's Ministries Leaders spoke on "Getting out of the Boat!"Kathy MacPhail and Lori Soto both spoke on putting our trust in God.

"Have an unwavering faith. Jesus is with you in the storm. Refuse to sink!" Lori Soto.

Sometimes struggles can take your breath away. I'm sure it did for Kenzi and Robbie. Their faith was tested to the limit. You have to remember that God is our lifesaver and we just have to grab on and ride the course with Him.

"Fear will always be the enemy of your faith"  Kathy MacPhail.

Those words hit me personally. This year, I am digging deep into God's word because I'm tired of being afraid. I'm tired of wondering if I'm capable, if I'm loved by God, if He wants the same dream that I do. I need to be persistent and know that I can go to Him day and night. I am doing things that are bold, because I feel God's presence cheering me forward. I would never had done this before. But it's time for me to get out of the boat and walk with faith!  I'm letting God be my strength.

Kenzi and Robbie and a few others made it off that island. It gave them strength and taught them to not be afraid.

We don't have to go to a desert island to find our strength and capability. Search your heart and pray for God to show you.  I am more confident this year than I have ever been in my life. I am trusting God with ALL my life, and it is so good!

I know the storms will come; they always do. Life is a series of dreams and desperation. We need to stay the course in all of it. When the storms come, stand strong! Keep the faith, cry if you have to and then dust yourself off. Know that you are so much stronger than you think. And life never stays one way. Storms will settle and then you can  take one day at a time. It will get better. God won't keep you in one spot forever. Sometimes it feels that way. Keep looking for bits and pieces  of blessings. They are there, even in the storms. Cling to them.

Don't waste another day being afraid!  Refuse to sink!