Confidence vs. Humility

"Humility and not putting yourself out there, are two different things."
Denise Broad

Recently I was on a conference call with my coaching group and the subject of humility came up. As Christian speakers and writers it is a real struggle. We want to provide the words and encouragement that God has placed on our hearts to share. At the same time we must do it with humbleness, being aware that we are "not all that and a bag of chips."

The above quote from Denise was spoken to us during this phone call. Denise is someone from our group that is insightful in her words. I asked if I could share this quote and she generously agreed.

There is a difference in our mission to be humble but not small in our thinking. In the Bible there is a verse that says

"You will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere" Acts 1:8

Pride creeps in when you think that the message is your very own. It can be an evil weapon that shoots out arrogance and selfishness in all areas of your life. You believe the puffed up version of who you are. You think your words are amazing, and only you can deliver them in such a way that will make people listen.

Confidence is knowing where the message comes from. Humbleness is evident when you set your heart and mind on the one true person who gave you the idea. God gifts us. He doesn't want us to think small. He wants us to be confident in Him. He wants us to shout His name and authority to the rooftops. Confidence is being courageous, determined and being certain. Humbleness is being obedient. You can be both of these things. It doesn't mean you have to give up one for the other. They should both have a place in your life.

If you have been gifted with a message, please don't think small. Ask God to show you how to use this message. He will guide you. For some it will be in writing. Others speaking or teaching. Still others it would be in helping with your hands and feet. Whatever it is, do it with a confident spirit. He is moving you. Don't ignore it. Think big.Here are some steps to help you in your God Confidence Journey:

  1. This is where you need to read your devotionals and Bible. Ask God what speaks to you in the verses? Where do you find your strength? Don't be shocked when the message comes jumping out of the page!

  2. This is where you journal what you are hearing or reading. A clear direction will start to form. Be confident of what He is showing you. Don't shrink from it. Move forward.

  3. This is your action step. I describe above the different gifting of writing, speaking, teaching or doing. Discover what your talent is.

  4. Be strong! Be humble. It's two different things. The common thread is knowing that God connects them both. If you remember this, He will guide you in a confident way.

Let me know what you discover about yourself this week! Leave me a comment and feel free to share this with others.