What's Your Purpose

How do you wake up in the morning? Do you jump right out of bed ready for the day? Or are you like me; peeking one eye out from under the covers seeing what it looks like. Is it sunny(that makes me happy), or it is dark and gloomy? What's your first thought? Do you know what your purpose is for the day? Does anyone pop in your head that you should be praying for?

These are all questions I ask myself on any given morning. It is my quiet time with God. Anyone who knows me, knows I am definitely not a morning person. It takes me a minute to wake up and be spunky. My husband wakes up and is ready for the day. He always wants to talk and cuddle it out. I want to push him away. I need coffee and quiet. So he has learned to give me some time before the chatter starts.

All this leads me to this; I need to know what God wants out of my day. And that takes some time. Alone time. With Him. I have a beautiful view out my french doors from the bedroom. During the summer months we like to leave the shades up, windows open so the fresh air comes through in the morning. It also provides a perfect backdrop to sit in His beauty. This is how I can be still and listen to what the day holds for me.

You might be saying to yourself; I don't have any special skills or talents to make any difference in anyone's life. You would be wrong. I spent half my life feeling less than adequate in the world. I don't have a formal education. I hadn't learned any specific skill set. But what I did have was a drive to learn and an empathy for people. The path I followed took me on a journey to become the person I am today. And my life has purpose. I would like to think I make a difference. God spoke to my mind about learning all I could to become the best writer, speaker and mentor to women who need me. I had a past that when you look at it from afar seems sad and dismal. God took my junk and made it relatable to women that needed to hear the hope.

My prayer every morning is to ask God who He wants me to help today. You are here for a purpose. The hardships you are going through shouldn't be wasted. Use them to show others how to continue on.

What gets you going in the morning? Even if things aren't perfect in your life at the moment, do you have something each day that brings you joy and purpose? If not, find it.Start by doing this:

  1. Find a quiet place to sit and talk to God about what your dreams are. He already knows, but by saying them to Him it makes it real. Ask Him to show you how to fulfill it.

  2. I say this a lot but; journal! Write down your thoughts and prayers. Even if they seem silly to you at first. Don't edit yourself. Let the words flow and see where you can be a change-maker in the world.

  3. Serve others. So many times we get so wrapped up in our own "stuff" that we forget that other people need encouragement too. This gives you a purpose for sure. You may not think you make a difference, but you could literally be saving someone else's day.

  4. Last; I think you are important to this world. If no one has ever told you that, please hear it now. Don't waste precious time by just going through each day with no purpose. You are reading this because you care. You are reading this because somewhere deep down you want more from your life. You are searching for meaning. Keep going. You will find it.

Have a beautiful weekend my peeps! Make it count!