Let your Last Breath Count...

The boys were trapped in a cave. My first thought went down a dire mindset. They must be dead. There is no way they could be 10 days in a cave and survive. As a mom, my next thought went to how their mothers must be feeling.  How their hearts must be breaking of possibly losing their baby boys.

Then breaking news; all 12 boys and their coach were found alive!  Now my prayers went to all the people who could save these boys and get them out. The danger wasn't over. It was just beginning. Once again, there are always people who become the heroes in these kinds of stories.  We watched and waited and prayed that the impossible could be done.

17 members of the Royal Thai Navy Seals jumped in to start the rescue. 2 members of a British service came in as they were the best British Cave rescuers in the world. Then Australian, Chinese and other members of service joined in their efforts to save these boys as time was running out.

One person however, became the most significant to me as he literally took his last breath to save others. His name is Saman Gunan. He was 38 years old. A  Navy Seal who came out of retirement to save them. He posted online "May good luck be with us to bring the boys home." Little did he know he would be going home to a different place when all this was done.

The Seals had to place 100 oxygen tanks en-route to certain spots in the cave embankment. It provided  stopping points for them to get more oxygen to continue the path. Saman was carrying three of these tanks when suddenly he stopped breathing himself for which no one knows why. His fellow rescuers find him and try to revive him with no success.

One fellow seal tells the reporter "We won't let his life be in vain." His wife called him "The hero of my heart." She says Saman once said " We never knew when we would die, so we need to cherish every day." His mates promised "You get some good rest, we will complete the mission for you."

He sacrificed his life with a heart that cherished life. He made his last breath count. He stood out to me as someone I admire. My heart broke as I heard of his passing, but my face broke out in a small smile as I looked up to the sky. He did well that day. He was there for a purpose. God knows the plan. I would like to believe that it made the strength of these Navy Seals (inside and out) even stronger as now they were doing this mission for Saman.

I was encouraged as I watched 2,500 children praying on the ground for their fellow class mates. They never gave up hope. I want a hope like that. More times than I care to mention, my hope depleting  faster than it rises. I need to work on that. But Saman never gave up hope. He always believed he could help save those boys. So for that, I say "thank you" for reminding me to hope. But most of all, thank you for your sacrifice.

Can you find a hope that surpasses all understanding? I know I want to. I want my last breath to count. That's how I want to leave this world. Doing the best work while I have lived on this earth.

Where can you make a difference today?Is there something that needs to be done where you have to be brave?

Think of Saman Gunan. Just do it.