Trust through The Clouds

I looked out the airplane window and saw a perfect blanket of white clouds right below the aircraft. I always daydream about someday when I get to heaven, I will float on those clouds!

The plane started descending and my vision went from sky and clouds to a sheet of white nothingness. It was then that the thought crossed my mind; the pilot has to  trust his judgement and control panels through these clouds. He can't see anything ahead or behind. He has to know what his next steps are to bring this plane down through the clouds and onto the tarmac safely.  We as passengers are putting our full trust in his hands.

There is a connection between our relationship with faith in the same way. We see a white cloud of nothingness, but we are supposed to believe in the unknown. It is a struggle that most people have legitimate questions about. I have conversations with people who can't feel and certainly can't physically see a God to guide them. They don't understand why I believe in something I can't see or touch. Yet every day we trust in things (like that airplane) to work for us that we can't see or imagine. But trust. Trust is the link that threads it all together.

I can certainly tell you I have felt a presence that is worldly unexplained and have witnessed some things that shouldn't have happened. I've prayed  desperately for a blessing and it has been shown to me. But those incidents are not predictable or expected. That is what faith is. It is like going through the clouds and just trusting that you are safe.

I have trusted in only myself, and have gotten lost many times. There is some kind of power in letting something bigger than yourself take control  and guide you. Faith is not an easy thing to explain. It has many different facets and points of view. Many of us still have moments when our faith wavers or goes quiet.

The struggles of keeping your faith strong is an ongoing walk. This is why the Bible is a study guide and not just a book you read and finish to put on a shelf. Every day your time spent in the Word will guide you to more knowledge. Keep searching for your faith to grow.Sometimes people miss out on the "faith moments" right in front of them. We live in such a fast paced world, it's easy to miss and see what is right in front of us. Start with looking out your back yard every morning. Embrace the beauty that is there. Take in the fragrance of nature. Smile at the day. You are up and healthy, be grateful. Faith starts here. Don't go too deep and get confused. Start small and make it count.

Slowly, you might start grasping this faith muscle and it may become stronger and stronger. So strong in fact that you might want to share it with someone.

The next time you are on a plane, or somewhere where you have to trust the person in control, take a breath. 

Have a faith in the Father that guides you and pray you will land safely to your next destination.Have a fun faith-filled weekend my peeps!