Clean Your Closet, Clean Your Mind

There it was again. That nagging feeling when I looked into my jam-packed closet and stared at all the clothes squeezed together and piling up on the floor. It made me anxious. It made me shake. It made me mad and depressed. But most of all, it made me confused. How in the world could I say I have nothing to wear? And how could I concentrate on anything else in the day, when all I could think about was that mess in my closet?

Am I alone? I think not. My daughter had told me the same thing. And her friend. And another. It didn't necessarily have to be a closet either. It could be any room or several rooms in the house. They all make you worry or sad because it is said " Messy room, messy mind." Don't I know it.

I have this thing where if I can't handle the messy room, closet, office, etc. then it is time to devote on clearing out the clutter. Then I can start thinking about moving forward with a project on my calendar. In fact, I have an appointment book that talks about spending 15 minutes each day cleaning out a drawer, or cabinet, something to keep things in order. But why you ask? Why do you get so caught up in the mess? Why do you need to clean it right away?

For the simple reason that I have found your messy life will portray a direct correlation of your messy rooms. That's right people. How can your mind be clear about the next steps in your life when your heart and mind is feeling defeated from the mess. If you can't make decisions about small things to clean up, I doubt you can make big decisions about where your life is going.  Neatness counts. Now don't get me wrong. I'm certainly not a clean freak (I save that for my best friend! LOL), but I do like order. When it happens, I get so much more done. My mind is clear to concentrate on what is on topic. The best thing is you don't have to make excuses when someone unexpectedly drops by. You are presentable. It is one of the gifts I remembered that my own mom gave me. She wanted an orderly house. Even though I don't go to her extremes, I hear her voice saying "This feels so much better, doesn't it?"

In the same way, God wants our minds clear. We can't hear Him with all the noise and mess in our heads. It has to be clean so He can guide us. We have to stay focused so we know the path He wants us to go on. So today, pick one spot that needs clearing and clean it out! And then step back and feel the good feeling you will get from accomplishing that.Some things to think about when you clear out a closet or room:

  1. Is this something I can donate? You know the saying "one mans junk is another mans treasure." You may not need it, but someone else would love it.

  2. Can I recycle it if it's broken and damaged. Make sure it goes in the right bin so it can be broken down safely.

  3. Re-gift if you have something brand new that you know you don't need. Think of a friend that may love it! Share the wealth!

Have a great weekend peeps~