Are you walking through the desert?

I am drained this week of any energy and my usual spark for life. My schedule is full and there is no more room in my calendar. I am meeting God in the morning and telling Him (yes, I actually think I can tell him something He doesn't know) I don't have too much time to spend with Him know....I'm busy! Then, as I go out and do life my way I find myself becoming more and more lost. Lost because I miss my special time in the morning with God. Time when I just journal scripture, highlight with my bright yellow highlighter things in a devotional or bible that I'm sure is speaking light in my life. Time when I feel so loved and at peace just being quiet and can think clearly about what my next steps are for my life.

Now instead, I am walking through my busyness and feeling like the Israelites when they walked through the desert lost and confused. I think I am in control, but quite honestly I am trudging along dragging my feet through the day and being completely exhausted. I know where this comes from. I am being pulled away. I am becoming worn out. I am too busy. Why? Because that is right where the enemy wants me. Busy. Lost. Confused.

When the Israelites first escaped through the Red Sea, they were scared because they thought they would be killed by the Egyptians.

Then "the Israelites saw the mighty hand of the Lord displayed against the Egyptians, the people feared the Lord and put their trust in him and in Moses his servant" Exodus 14:31

They sang songs, they danced, and rejoiced. But just 3 days later, they were complaining about having no water. They pulled away from their faith so quickly and wanted to rely on their own resources. They even got mad at Moses for bringing them there. We always fall back on our own understanding and if we are not careful, we can easily walk further and further away from our precious Father that always waits for us. This is exactly what gives the enemy ammunition.  I had to remind myself of that today as I got some much-needed "down time". It has given me some new insight on myself and how I too can slip away and try to do my own thing and forget my place.

So tomorrow I get a fresh start. You best believe I will be starting it with quiet time with my Abba Father whom I love more than anything this world can provide. I just need  a gentle nudge every now and then to get out of the desert and back to the life He has planned for me. Thanks for the reminder Lord....How do you get back on track with your spiritual walk when you feel pulled away?

Is there a person or group that helps you be accountable when you feel weak in spirit?

Let me know; leave a comment for me! Happy Friday!