Discouraged with Life

"While disappointments are inevitable, discouragement is a choice. You should never allow the challenges that arise to steal your enthusiasm or confidence in Him"

Dr. Charles Stanley, Life Principles to Live By

This week I have been talking to several women who have been discouraged by the challenges of life. I then noticed as I scrolled through social media that there are many more things that are making people discouraged and disappointed. Heck, if you watch the news, its enough to make you pull out the tissues and go through a whole box!

I love to bring the best out of young women. I was given this hope for other women by my loving God. He was by my side in some of the darkest hours of my life even when I didn't know who He was. I felt a presence and later on when I became a Christian, I knew what that feeling was; a Holy Spirit guiding me. So when I had a pull to give this hope and encouragement to others, I. knew He had called me to do it.

But lately, I have been reading disturbing posts on those media sites that are blaming God for making these things happen to these good people. So my question is; if you believe in a God, shouldn't you also believe in the enemy? And why is it that when we praise God for our blessings and good things that happen in our life, He is also the first one we blame when bad things happen? Why aren't you blaming the evil one that is responsible for this fallen world? I question why certain things happen also, but I never give up on my loving God. Even when I am bawling on the floor over a hurtful situation, I ask God to crawl up next to me and help me see the light of day.  Don't believe in the lie that you are somehow being punished. Don't let the discouragements of life bring you down. That's what the enemy wants you to believe. He wants you to give up on God and do your own thing. He wants you to believe that you can only rely on your own strength. That if you push God out-of-the-way, (because where was God when this happened?) then you can be in control. You will never be able to control your life, no matter how hard you try. Don't mistake confidence for being in control. You can have joy, confidence, strength, abundance, etc. but know that at different times in your life, you will also have trials and tribulations. When that happens, don't be discouraged; God is in control. He will help you through. It will be tough. It will leave battle scars. It will suck. He will understand and love you through it.

You will be able to have a faith that surpasses all understanding if you lean into the loving God who does stand next to you through the tough times.

How do you cope when life seems too tough to handle?

What are some ways you can be a comfort to others in need when they are battling through a rough patch in their life?

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