Patience is in the waiting...

When I was growing up with my two siblings, I would often hear my mom say to others "Phylis is my patient child, always has been, even as a baby."

I took great pride in this statement as a child because my mother didn't give out statements of affirmation often. I would be found sitting looking out a window dreaming of my future. This time alone gave me a peace in the midst of chaos in my home. It calmed me. It gave me hope. Maybe it was a prayer time and I didn't know it at the time. It balanced me, and I could take on any craziness that came my way.As I've gotten older, I have lost a bit of that patience. I find myself fighting an inner turmoil within my body wanting to scream if I have to wait in a long line, or someone doesn't get back to me in an e-mail that I need a response to.

Lately, that patience reared its ugly head as I have been on this 5 year journey of figuring out my writing and speaking ministry. As I watched many of my friends get picked up by agents, get books published, and have thriving speaking careers, I often felt my patience slipping away like silky sheets falling off a bed. I prayed to ask God why He would give me this desire to only have me sit on the sidelines to watch. But He kept redirecting me in paths I didn't understand.

Then this past year He put certain people in my life that made sense to what He has planned for me. These people have been a lifeline.  The beauty of His plan started unfolding. There was no room for doubt or fear. He had the perfect plan all along. My calendar is full of projects and all my dreams of helping others through this ministry are coming true. The patience was in the waiting. We rush, we plan, we take control (or so we think), we get frustrated. Is He listening? Does He love me? Am I good enough? Why do we question the ONLY thing that we can totally trust above anything else in this world? Here are some things to think about when the negativity tries to get in your head;

  1. Journal. Writing out your emotions and then breaking it down to ask God to show you one thing from your list. It can move you forward and give you hope to continue your journey of your dreams and goals.

  2. Prayer and meditation. Quiet time and reflection can calm the noise in your head. Ask God to give you a peace and trust in Him and let Him guide you.

  3. Exercise! I know this sounds so simple, but a lot of us (including me) are sitting over a computer all day and in meetings. We are using our head knowledge a lot and that can create stress and block what your life really has in store for you. But moving your body will clear your head, bring more oxygen to your body and make you feel good. You need to stay healthy to continue on your journey!

What things do you do to help you have patience? Leave a comment for me and have a peaceful weekend!

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