New Life, New Year

The thought was not lost on me that the afternoon of December 22nd we got the text from our son-in-law that my daughter was in labor. She wasn't due until January, but like any birth/labor story, my grandson was creating his own unique arrival. The thought that December was also the month of the birth of baby Jesus made him all the more special.

We weren't ready. She lived 400 miles away. We were leaving by car the next morning to spend the Christmas holidays with them.  Now we were packing and throwing things in the car as fast as we could to get to them. I started to cry as my excitement was too much for my mind to behold. The thought of my own child now an adult, giving birth to her own child and starting the next generation of our growing family made my heart explode with joy.  My mind was in a whirlwind of thoughts. Some of those thoughts went to a biblical time of how the shepherds must have felt when they were traveling with excitement to meet the baby Jesus. They hadn't packed or been ready for this trip. An angel of the Lord appeared to them to tell them of a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger. The shepherds said "Let's go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about" (Luke 2:15). They didn't have bags packed and ready to go. They weren't prepared for this in their lives, but they were excited to see this new thing that was about to happen.

As we drove all night my mind also went to the history of my own life. My mother was not there when my children were born. Not one. I didn't have that kind of family, but I had strived to create the kind of family I always wanted. A loving bonded family that would grow as time went on. I was proud of the mother I was and now I had the huge responsibility that grandparenting would bring. God had brought me to this place, I had prayed mightily for this day and now it was here.The next generation that was promised to me. I want to tell my grandson the beautiful story of Jesus and how he shares a birthday month with him. I want to tell him how blessed he is to be a part of two families that love him so much and will always teach him about how much God loves him.

So he arrived on December 23rd at 2:17am, and we pulled into the hospital parking lot 10 minutes later. He is perfect. He is beautiful. He is our future.I am thrilled to see what this new year brings to our family! I know the love of a mother's heart, but now my heart explodes with the a love of a grandmother heart in a way I never knew existed. All the new things that come my way in 2018 will be filled with a fragrant sense of peace and contentment that I needed this last year.I pray that this year, all the plans, goals, and dreams that you want to start for your life will come to fruition. Most of all, remember to embrace your family, make God your center and take action on all the paths He has for your life and watch it bloom!Happy New Year friends!