"Then Peter came to Jesus and asked, "Lord, how many times shall I forgive my brother or sister who sins against me? Up to seven times?" Jesus answered, "I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times."  Matthew 18:21-22

Last year God taught me a lesson about forgiveness that I am still processing in this new year. I am writing this post today because at this very moment the blessings that come out of faithfulness and trust that God handles all things in His timing if we allow are still present in this situation.

Forgiveness. It is hard to do. Our first reaction is anger, rage, the unjust of the situation. But behind it all is pain. We want to be heard. We want to be understood. We want to be right, and sometimes we want to protect the person that is being hurt. So forgiveness is off the table, but what would happen if you decided to really see the other person's side?

What if in the midst of all the other emotions, you take the ego out of it and just humbly say "I'm sorry." How would your heart change? That anger, bitterness, revenge and hardness of heart might just chip away or melt into a warm bath of light, comfort, peace and yes...forgiveness.

Jesus forgives us daily! Minute by minute we do wrong. Our thoughts and actions are not always pure. I myself probably think or say the wrong things often. I am trying to listen more and pause before I react. If we have a God who can always forgive our mistakes, who do we think we are if someone wrongs us and we throw the gauntlet down on them and banish them forever! This doesn't mean you have to let someone keep abusing you emotionally. Forgiveness can be done on your knees, asking God to help you to forgive this person in your heart so you can stay a gentle soul. It serves you well for your family and for generations to come. My mother was not always kind to me. I was bitter and angry for many years, but God opened my eyes to forgive her without her ever apologizing for the things she had done in the past. And my heart healed anyway. I didn't want to bring that garbage along with me to damage my children.

You may think you can keep on hating that person who wronged you and you will be just fine, but your future will spell it out differently. How much sweeter would life be if you can clear all the cobwebs of the past hurts and indifference you are holding on to and just release it to our Father who ALWAYS forgives!Who comes to mind after reading this post? Ask God to help you heal your heart from this pain even if it takes seventy times to do it! Pray with Him and let Him lead you to the next steps.Is there someone you need to go to and heal a past hurt? Think about calling or writing them today to start the forgiveness process.Let me know what you think about this post! Like, share or comment!