It has been a disturbing last couple of weeks seeing all the sexual harassment coming to light from the scandal of the Harvey Weinstein debacle. The hashtag #metoo started by Alyssa Milano has sparked an outcry from women all over the world as we try to get back the power we lost from being demeaned or physically attacked by men who crossed our paths as children, young women or women in the workplace trying to start our careers.

I shared this hashtag on my Facebook feed because I too have been both physically and verbally attacked through the years. The details don't matter, it's the point of why men feel that they can take control over us that really bothers me. And the aftermath of the secret we hold because somehow we feel we caused it or did something to provoke it that seems really twisted.  People ask "Why did they keep working there with that monster?" or "Why didn't she say something sooner?" all questions only the subject of the abuse can answer.

On my feed this week though, I saw the women responding to my timeline with either just the hashtag or a story of their own and I saw some power for themselves being taken back. Some might call it Girl Power, but I call it God Power. The enemy loves to come and steal your heart away, but he can never steal your soul if you ask God to protect you from ALL evil. It doesn't mean bad things don't happen, it just means you can go to a place to find strength beyond all understanding and get healing. Part of that is sharing past hurts with someone you trust. Secrets hurt you and can keep you captive, but letting it out, even to one person can release the pressure and free you from any guilt or pain. Prayer and meditation helps with this too. Just remember that God see all and knows all and it's His timing that will be the truth giver. That is why after all this time that one man in Hollywood who seemed to be in control and have all the power came crashing down so hard. In time, good will always win over evil. I wholeheartedly believe that.

I have a girl power in my every day walk that can give me confidence, but I also have a God power. It starts my day to guide me and help me through the ugly parts of life and when it seems like things aren't fair I pray on it. I wait for God to take control of the outcome or to guide me in the things I can do myself. Don't let evil win. Take control of your life and ask God to help you do this through good trusted friendships, prayer time and walking in your truth.

How do you take back your power if it's been taken from you? Leave your comments below and I pray that you have a great week!