Where's Your Center?

" Never underestimate His ability to answer anytime, anyplace, anywhere"Mark Batterson, Drawing The Circle 

A few weeks ago I was feeling depleted emotionally and hadn't even cracked open any devotional, Bible, etc. because of it. I was tired. Tired of asking for answers to prayers, tired of trying to encourage others when I was empty myself.

But the funny thing is the more I stay away, the more I feel God's voice pulling me back. So I listened and once I started up my prayer time and studying His words I felt so much peace and then I didn't know what all the fuss was about! I want to stay in the circle of God. Just like the hurricanes that are invading our earth right now, the circle of the hurricane is where the calm is; it's the outside that creates the crisis. It's the same with us. We will always have struggles, crisis and pain outside, but if we stay in the circle of God's love we can weather the storm.

The pain and struggle always passes and we can be left with destruction and the feeling of no way out, or we can rebuild our lives and ask God for direction to the next steps to move forward in spite of any situation that comes our way.

Prayer, and action toward that prayer makes me stronger and gives me reason to move on.  As long as God is the CENTER of my life, I'm calm, satisfied and trusting of each day He gives me. Even in the midst of the storm, I have a God who believes and fights for me and loves me!

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