The Spirit Gives Life!

"Mother Nature was in full fury this week, but so was the compassion"

Martha Raddatz from This Week ABC NEWS

When I heard those words I had to stop and write it down because it was exactly how I was praying. My heart gets heavy when I hear of one more story of natural disasters, and we had a scare of our own this last week when a neighboring hill caught on fire and we watched with our neighbors to determine if the flames were going to jump the hill and head towards us.

But even in the midst of our discussion as we stood there pondering the question, I received no less than 10 texts or phone calls from friends or relatives making sure we were okay and asking if they could help. It surprised me and filled my heart with a warmth and comfort as I responded to each one, updating them and letting them know that if I needed them they would hear from me right away.

One of the questions I always want to ask of God is "why?", but then knowing I will probably never receive an answer to that question, moreover,  I want to see people's hearts and spirit of love and giving. Because the world is so crazy upside down half of the time, we have to level it out with our hearts. Some of the best of people come out at the worst of times. While I hate watching people suffer on T.V.; the women standing at the top of their houses with the water rising up to them, or the man caught in his truck with a river of water rushing through the windows and the streets looking like a rushing river headed over the falls, the next shot is of someone giving of themselves. The news reporter who shouts to the woman " I'm coming for you, don't worry!", or the brothers that get their own boats and go back and forth around the city to help those that are stuck, or the football player that gives of his time and money to help because he has the ability to make a difference.

I love the human spirit and the Holy Spirit that lives within all of us. If we choose to feel it and use it, we can move mountains. Never give up on that! We each have the ability to give of ourselves and to others at any moment, not just in emergencies but in every day life. Open your eyes to what other people need of you today. You will be surprised how much you can be an encouragement by your simple act of love, patience or understanding. A kind word, an opening of a door, a smile....

Let your spirit soar!

Have a great week!

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