Recently I have heard stories of some pretty hard times that have left women brokenhearted in their spirit, and if truth be known, I have recently experienced this myself.  Some were job-related, others were more personal like a love lost, or a broken friendship. But the heart still feels the same; a crushing, actual pain in your heart that literally feels if it was possible to break a heart, it would fall to the ground in little shattered pieces.

I used to try to control every tough situation when I was younger and most of the time I could manage to diffuse a rough moment in time with my family. I was known by my mom as "the peacemaker."  Sometimes when you are labeled by your parents at a young age, you tend to take on that label as part of your personality. While there is nothing wrong with that in some areas, it can lead you to take on roles that you aren't prepared for.  So for years, I tried to fix things anytime someone was mad or frustrated at someone. I would ride in on my white horse and save the day! I am pretty good at fixing disputes and take great pride in being an encourager of women, but there is a part that I was forgetting in trying to make everything 100% all the time.

I am not God! I can't fix every broken heart or upsetting thing that happens around me. And I was reminded of that recently when I couldn't fix something in my life that I wanted to resolve so bad. So I went to the one person who could; my Father God. And as I poured out my broken heart to Him, I poured over His word and found a couple of verses that helped me:

"Psalms 7:10"

My shield is with God, who saves the upright in heart~

"Hebrews 6:16"

For people swear by something greater than themselves, and for them a confirming oath ends every dispute~

In life we can't always fix every problem or situation in a nice neat little bow and let the angels sing as we go on our way. The truth is sometimes life gets really messy and ugly and our hearts are shattered. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try to resolve disputes or disappointments; but we need to know that God has plans too! He will protect us from the things we made need to step aside from or end. He will find a way to change what we think is the right direction to handle something and turn us the other way around so our life can get back on track the way it's supposed to. He protects us from more harm if need be, and covers us with His grace and love.

So while I mend my broken heart for now, I just settle into His words and let them wrap around me like a warm blanket on a cold day. I don't need to control anything, just breathe and listen to His warm, calming voice in my heart, that day by day heals itself back to whole again.

Have you experienced this kind of hurt this week? I hope these words help you to heal and that you soak in God's word to keep you steady in this crazy off balanced world.Leave me a comment below if this post touched you today............