Avoiding Roadblocks

I've been trying to walk my dogs early in the morning; for one because it has been really hot here and the temperature reaches into the 100's, and two because I am trying to avoid other people out walking their dogs, or just general traffic so my sweet crazy Lola can walk off leash because, well, she is a complete crazy tugging animal when I have her on the leash but as soon as I let go, she walks right beside me like an angel! But that story is for another time, or maybe it really ties into this story after all.

We all hit roadblocks in our life; the loss of a job, or the anger of a friend we have disagreed with, or a marriage that has hit the skids, or a family member who has made us feel worthless. Maybe it's a family thing or a professional thing that seems to knock us off our game. We feel stuck, frustrated, afraid and quite frankly it can paralyze us. The frustration can lead to anger, fear and other human emotions that we don't like to feel and it can lead us straight to giving up on life.

I have been helping some women who have some real roadblocks in their life, and it can feel completely hopeless, but for the fact that roadblocks can become life lessons depending on how we look at them. Sometimes, those things that frustrate you the most are great opportunities to stop, think, and meditate on how you can work that situation out differently this time.  Maybe you could NOT react to a certain situation the way you normally do and "turn the other cheek" as they say and do something opposite this time and see how it works. It could lead to a "breakthrough" instead of a roadblock where you could crash right through that brick wall and break it down once and for all.

Ask God to show you where you could walk around, walk through or just demolish that roadblock from you life in a way that is pleasing to Him, the one that matters!

In Luke 22:42 it says "Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me; yet not my will, but Yours be done"

Just as my Lola was fighting to break free from me, when I released that pressure of the chain from her, she was able to relax, calm down and walk by my side with confidence. You can do that same thing if you let God remove that roadblock or chain that is holding you back from becoming the amazing woman you can be in spite of the occasional setbacks of life. Don't give up! Breakthrough....