Don't block the Blessings!

A friend and I were talking not long ago about how we both had to make major decisions in our lives in order to move to the next chapter in our life journey.  We talked about the fears, anxiety but most of all the excitement that would come along with it.

The truth is when you are moving your life in the next direction to help you grow, you experience all kinds of emotions! For me it also brings up all the panic of my past when negative people in my life told me I could never do anything right, or would never amount to anything. I know in my head those things are false, but my heart still feels the hurt. That is when I need to call on something stronger to make me MOVE!!!

We have a God that will come along side us and help along the way.  It's important to recognize your weaknesses, but then ask for strength and keep moving forward to better yourself. The changes can start small and then build as you feel the confedience to make bigger changes. This process is never easy; sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable to try something new or different in your life, but this is where your faith can move mountains. I often pray when God awakens me in the middle of the night; I ask Him questions, I converse with Him, I pray for others and I wait and watch for answers as I start the next day knowing that He has already planned out the day and is hoping that I catch on to the "breadcrumbs" he has left for me to follow the right path.

Your gifts and blessings are not your own however; they are meant to be shared! So as your life grows and moves into different exciting times, you are to share your blessings with others. The circle can't be complete without this important part. You will never be at peace on your journey if you have an attitude of "self". All the good and bad things that happen to you are meant to be shared.

Do you have a story to tell about something you have just gone through? Share that testimony! You will be a blessing to someone out there who thinks no one else understands what they have been through. Do you have an inspiring story? Share that testimony! Someone else needs a cheerleader today to help them continue on. God has given you blessings and testimonies to share with the world so "Don't block those Blessings!"

Ask yourself these questions today:

Do I need to remove something or someone from my life that is blocking me from experiencing the fullness that God has in store for me?

How can I be a blessing to someone today as I go about my day? Do I look for it? Will I do something about it?

P.S. As I have been writing this blog this morning, I have been dealing with a sick "puking in the backyard 14 year old lab" has taken me more than one hour to write this as I run out to clean up the mess! I was getting frustrated yelling "COME ON! I JUST WANT TO GET THIS DONE!", when I realized the irony of what I was writing about!  I stopped and thought about how blessed I was to be home right now so she wouldn't be getting sick inside my house!! And I could be here to baby her and tell her it would be okay....