There is always Hope....

This month is "Breast Cancer Awareness" month and as I watch another friend go through a surgery that will forever change her life it takes my breath away.But there is another reason for my melancholy; it is also " Pregnancy & infant awareness month" and this is something very near to me.

It has been 31 years since my baby boy passed away at just 2 weeks of age and that forever changed MY life. So while these two things seem to be very different, they are the same. They are the same fears, sadness, pain.

But what I have lived through and learned also is there is always a HOPE! Hope is accompanied with a faith that we don't know about the things that will happen in this world, but we just have the hope and faith that things move forward and we come to realize that God just love us through it all.

I was reading a bible devotion that says " Do you believe that God really loves you? Or do you think that he is like other people who may have hurt or even rejected you? He wants you to receive his love by faith, believing that his love for you is greater than your failings, weaknesses and sin. God's love will never let you down; he will never leave you or stop loving you." {A Year In The Bible App.}

It doesn't mean we don't experience great pain and disappointment in our lives, but we can't live there! It doesn't serve you well as you go on this journey of life and it will slowly kill that great spirit that God gave you to continue the journey he has for you; even through the pain, tears, unrest, fear, anxiety...ALL OF IT! We have to put Him above it all, after all, He put himself on the cross for us.

So while I mourn for people who have to go through the hardships that life brings us and I deeply mourn for the loss of my son, I look forward also to what lies ahead and I see the other joys in my life that only God has made possible for me. Someday, I will see my son in Heaven; I have faith and hope in that, but in the meantime I will comfort those who mourn, who need a helping hand or a comforting smile; because when I take the focus off of me, my heart fills up with a faithful spirit and I am ready to face another day....

Do you know someone who could use a moment of your time? A listening ear, a helping hand? Don't wait; reach out to them today! It gives people HOPE!