Travel Deliverances

God is really wanting me to trust Him..This is the devotional from my "Year in the Bible"...

If you feel surrounded by difficulties and under attack, remember that when everything seems against you, God has a mighty army that can come and deliver you...

We had a meltdown on Sunday upon our arrival in Paris! Dominique and I cried when we got to our hotel room; it had been a rough 24 hours. We had plane delays, a mess up on our luggage, our hotel was in a area that was not very safe although the hotel itself was nice(and staff was so sweet!), all leading up to us crying and then realizing we really just needed rest. We needed sleep and to regroup and think out our plans.Monday morning was a new day and I was NOT going to start it without some mighty prayer. So although I had prayed and read my devotional and bible verses every morning and I knew Dom was doing her prayers, we weren't praying together. I read that devotional and I knew God was speaking to me. Even in the midst of our difficult journey, He had brought us here safely and we were comfortable in our room and now we wanted to see this beautiful city! I told Dominique we needed to pray together before we started this day and ask God to show us His beautiful city and boy did He deliver. I have the blisters to prove it!We have deducted that life is indeed not perfect, but with all its imperfections there joyful moments. I have watched my daughter cry from frustration and seen her eyes light up (like I have never seen before) from pure joy as she sees a part of history in a building she has always wanted to see in person. I have felt like I was absolutely having a heart attack (otherwise known as an anxiety attack! My yoga breathing came in handy here), and felt the peace and calmness of sitting in a Parisian cafe and watching the world walk by. I will take all emotions in and feel it all because I choose to live my life to the fullest and let God lead me! He is my center, my peace, my joy and my Father who I trust and He has an army of protection around us if we only ask!LISBONOn this last day of my vacation in this cute, sweet city I look back on how I have handled these last 2 weeks with my daughter. I have made some observations that I want to pass along:1. Start with God each morning; and know for sure 2 or more praying together is always more powerful, but praying is most important even if you are a party of 1.

  1. Know that International Airports are no joke! They are confusing, loud, sometimes hot and most of the time late, so plan accordingly, stay calm, bring snacks, water and use the bathroom before you get in line because you could be waiting for awhile. You will get to your destination eventually and when in doubt, refer to step 1!

  2. When you travel with someone, you will probably have different ideas, emotions and at some point get on each others nerves. Remind yourself that it's okay that you are each different and respect what the other is feeling. I had a travel partner that is waay younger than I am, so I tried to keep up with her and she gave me breaks when I needed them!!

  3. Remember to pack things that we take for granted in the U.S. Such as band aids (the cushiony ones for ankle blisters!), Imodium (because you know, nervous stomach or too much rich or different food!), vitamins to stay healthy, Claritan or some kind of sinus medicine, Excedrin (or whatever headache medicine), essential oils( we used On-Guard in our hot tea to ward off colds, and lavender to stay calm), Azo( for women in case of bladder infection!), I packed all in my carry on so we could be prepared and we used some of these and they were a comfort to have!

  4. Try to picture yourself living in these different counties or cultures. It really gives you a sense (at least for me) of appreciation of where I live now. It's also fun as Dom and I tried to picture ourselves living in that era as we looked at the palaces, old museums and wondered what we would have worn back then or what our occupation would have been. It was such fun to see something that's been around for hundreds of years.

  5. Finally know; you WILL get homesick!! The point is this, you will never know how big the world is outside of your comfortable little space until you travel outside of it. There is joy in discovering new things. There is peace in knowing eventually you can go back to your "normal life." There is love everywhere you go; so don't play it safe by staying where you are; go out even if it's a town you've never been to and explore this great crazy world.

I will for sure be happy and overjoyed to return home, but I will have some amazing memories etched in my mind and heart forever. So for that I thank God for the opportunity that He has given to me.Ciao!