Making Family Traditions; Part One

As I write this late at night, I am getting ready to go on a much needed vacation! This trip however is so much more than just a regular get a way. I am visiting my homeland of Portugal and as you learn more about my testimony, you will find out a lot more about my mother's heritage and traditions. One thing I know for sure is being raised in the Portuguese culture means you were brought up to be very strong and stubborn, a great cook, a loyal friend and an independent woman!

I have wanted to visit this country for so long and as fate would have it, my youngest daughter was the inspiration for this vacation in the making. She graduated from college this last May and as a present my husband and I gave her the opportunity to take a few months off before getting a job and let her travel for the summer (so European of us!)

As I waited to see which friend she would want to go with, she approached me with the idea that she thought it would be fun if I would go with her and we could visit Portugal, Paris and wherever else we could squeeze in for a few weeks. I was elated that she wanted to take me on this journey with her! It shows that the love and  loyalty continues in this family I have raised. Who would have known that the child that gave me the hardest time as a teen was now the sweetest young woman who I loved spending time with.

But this trip is also about both of us learning more about ourselves and where we come from too. I have had much anxiety in the last week as my mind has drifted off in places I don't care to share and I am constantly reminding myself that I only need to breathe, pray and know that God has a plan and we only need to follow our path that He has paved for us. Every day He shows me how He is in control and I am not and it's a good thing! His plans are much better than mine can ever be. I am now excited to go, the fear of the unknown has lessened, and I am ready for new adventures.

I am looking forward to what I will learn and experience and that is the reason this will be Part One; because you my friends will be going on this journey with me! I will update you during the next couple of weeks (each Friday if I get service!) and we will find out together how other cultures live and how I am the same or different than my ancestors.

So hang tight; there is more to come!!