BOM DIA! (Good Morning) From Portugal... 

Hello from Sao Jorge, Azores! My head is exploding with so much culture(shock), traditions, happiness and anxiety.... Ugh! It's too much! The first thing on my mind was when I was on the plane here and everyone is speaking Portuguese! It reminded me of being at my Grandmothers house when I was a girl. I fell asleep to the sweet sound of that forgotten language.  

The second thing in my memory is how you have to adjust to the language barrier and the conveniences of home. Here, the hotels are different, the pace is way slower ( are in Sao Jorge as one local reminded me!), every flight was late, or the people working the counters were slow or left for a break right in the middle of checking in; you learn the true meaning of patience! 

Last, the best part; my daughter telling me over and over how beautiful this island is. The joy on her face makes me proud of where my ancestors started from. We have adapted to the food, the people, the traditions, and while we love our place back home; our heart has melted for Sao Jorge!  Now, here are some tips for those of you who may be thinking of coming:

  1. You will never need a blow dryer or curling iron if you have true Portuguese hair! I have let mine go wavy and natural just like the islanders!! There are no fussy hairdos here! Also, makeup is minimal since it's warm and humid, you will sweat it off anyway!!

  2. If you come in August you will just need light clothing! It's beautiful weather here 24/7. I've only needed a light sweater one night! 

  3. Come with someone who already has a house or relatives here! It's better to go sightseeing with someone who knows their way around! Also, you get fed by their friends here!! We have eaten at so many people's houses! The food is a lot! And very rich, so bring Imodium or antacids!! 

We have seen a baptism, a bull run, gone on a ferry to another island, seen a traditional dance troupe, It's been an adventure and I'm ready to move on to Paris now!!Ciao