Why I write

"When is your book going to be done?" "Are you still working on that book?".... These are the questions I am asked on a daily basis.  Believe me, I want to answer that question myself all the time.  And then I went to my first Writer's Conference this last week and so many things became clear to me.  A writer's work is never really done, AND some of us are "speakers who write" instead of "writer's who have to speak". You see, I am such a story teller in person; I love sharing my faith journey on a stage. It has made me the most nervous and the most exhilarated and where I feel the most connected to what  God wants me to do, however, once I am done, women come up to me and want to continue the conversation and I just can't do that with everyone and this is where the book will help.

At this Conference I learned that you need a platform and a following to start with so when and if you decide to go with a publisher, publicist, etc. they will see there is a purpose for your book. I also felt more at home with these strangers who many are now my friends and I think I found my "tribe".  Unless you have a desire to speak your life and put it in book form, you really don't know the feeling of writing, crying, rewrites, starting over, being your own worst critic and finally....showing your work to someone else. I had my 5 page excerpt from my unfinished non-fiction memoir to my mentor's group and the kindness and help I received from them was so touching and helpful to me I cried. They supported me and during the next 4 days we worked on all our projects and met with many people in the industry and I soaked up this quick fire education like a sponge!

I know the journey God has for me, and it was confirmed this last week with the last day meeting with my published author and teacher who told me "You are a good writer, keep going!".  So the reason for this blog? Well, for one, everyone wants to read what I have to talk about so once a week you will get to see my thoughts on paper (Finally!) until my book is finished.  And second, I need your help to get the word out that I am serious about my speaking and writing and you my people can spread the word so there is a platform for questions and discussions about the things I can pray-fully encourage you! So leave a remark, a question, or something that's on your mind and I will try to talk to you about it and maybe we can both understand how to maneuver through this crazy world

I love this quote I got from prior QVC host Lisa Robertson posted today:

"She was unstoppable not because she didn't have any failures or doubts but because she continued on despite them."

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