How can you get “Unstuck?”

I know this is a weird title, but this subject keeps popping up in my head, heart and devotionals! Lately, I have been in this “start and stop” kind of time in my life; I have deadlines to make and as usual I get stuck with all kinds of noise in my mind that actually paralyze me to do anything at all.

Some people hate attributing bad behaviors or habits to their childhood, but I can’t help but think some of these habits are because of things that happened when I was young.  The constant uprooting of my childhood and not feeling safe or content really did some trauma to my adulthood of feeling secure and confident. It doesn’t matter that I have such a calm, serene lifestyle now; my mind still wants to go back to the unsteady time.

There is a God however, that never quits! He gives me hope each morning….I wake up looking out my window at the fresh flowers blooming, overlooking the mountains outside my door and I am reminded that each day starts fresh and my mind should too!

Joyce Meyers has a daily devotional that had the word “unstuck” in it and part of it says

” Faith is always active- always.  It requires that you move forward into what God is telling you to do. Don’t neglect to take a step because you’re afraid it will be the wrong one. Living in fear all the time and making no decision is much worse than being decisive and occasionally making a mistake”  (Wake up to the Word, Joyce Meyer)

If this is where you are today, read that quote from Joyce Meyer again and again until you get “unstuck!” Doing nothing is much worse than doing something even if you are fearful. The things I have learned over the years (and am still learning!!) that moving forward always gets you to your goals in life instead of staying where you are and being sad about not trying. We all have baggage from the past, but we must remember to write out the history of the future differently if we want that story to have a happy ending.

So I will continue to work on myself , to move forward, to live in joy not fear, to untangle the cobwebs in my mind that try to keep me tangled up and free myself to see what God has in store for me because I know it is good and I will miss out if I don’t continue to grow.

How about you? Will you try some new habits today to help you be in a better mindset? What can you start doing each morning that will keep you level-headed and positive? Know that your life is worth all the miracles in store for you if you reach out and grab them.

Leave me a comment on the changes you are making today! Have a beautiful day my friends!



Another Crisis

There it was once again I turn the T.V. on only to see yet again another bombing. My mind and heart went numb. I didn’t watch it. I turned it off. I couldn’t stomach more bad news. So I stuffed the pain away and went about my day.

Then, the next day as I was reading my devotional, I came across this passage in Psalms:

“the people called out to God in their desperate condition, He got them out in the nick of time” (vs. 28 MSG)

I had images of people running from that concert bombing flash across my mind and I burst into tears. I know that many probably didn’t even have time to say a word and it would be too late. But I wonder how many cried out that day and escaped? I cling to human kindness of people helping people and the love of a stranger who will save or help them.  I hate that we live in a world that has such hatred in it, but I am hopeful and prayerful that there is still goodness, gentleness, love and compassion for each other also.

Part of my faith comes from knowing that this life is not perfect, it’s painful, it’s heartbreaking beyond belief sometimes but it is not the end. Sometimes we put high expectations on this world that it can’t reciprocate.  When looked up in the dictionary one of the other words used for this is “barter”. We can’t barter on life experiences. Believe me if we could, I would have exchanged a whole bunch of things that have happened in my life. We don’t know what’s out there waiting for us. But we still have love…

Even in the midst of evil, love prevails. Even through the toughest times, love prevails. Even when all hope is lost….LOVE IS WAITING!

We can’t give up, we can’t stand down, we have to keep pushing through the pain, heartache, and sadness and let love win.

How can you show the love of a friend or stranger today to give them hope while they are here on earth? Do you need some loving kindness today? Be brave and show someone some love or reach out and receive some love today, you deserve it!

Let me a comment to share your thoughts!


Don’t block the Blessings!

A friend and I were talking not long ago about how we both had to make major decisions in our lives in order to move to the next chapter in our life journey.  We talked about the fears, anxiety but most of all the excitement that would come along with it.

The truth is when you are moving your life in the next direction to help you grow, you experience all kinds of emotions! For me it also brings up all the panic of my past when negative people in my life told me I could never do anything right, or would never amount to anything. I know in my head those things are false, but my heart still feels the hurt. That is when I need to call on something stronger to make me MOVE!!!

We have a God that will come along side us and help along the way.  It’s important to recognize your weaknesses, but then ask for strength and keep moving forward to better yourself. The changes can start small and then build as you feel the confedience to make bigger changes. This process is never easy; sometimes it hurts and is uncomfortable to try something new or different in your life, but this is where your faith can move mountains. I often pray when God awakens me in the middle of the night; I ask Him questions, I converse with Him, I pray for others and I wait and watch for answers as I start the next day knowing that He has already planned out the day and is hoping that I catch on to the “breadcrumbs” he has left for me to follow the right path.

Your gifts and blessings are not your own however; they are meant to be shared! So as your life grows and moves into different exciting times, you are to share your blessings with others. The circle can’t be complete without this important part. You will never be at peace on your journey if you have an attitude of “self”. All the good and bad things that happen to you are meant to be shared.

Do you have a story to tell about something you have just gone through? Share that testimony! You will be a blessing to someone out there who thinks no one else understands what they have been through. Do you have an inspiring story? Share that testimony! Someone else needs a cheerleader today to help them continue on. God has given you blessings and testimonies to share with the world so “Don’t block those Blessings!”

Ask yourself these questions today:

Do I need to remove something or someone from my life that is blocking me from experiencing the fullness that God has in store for me?

How can I be a blessing to someone today as I go about my day? Do I look for it? Will I do something about it?

P.S. As I have been writing this blog this morning, I have been dealing with a sick “puking in the backyard 14 year old lab”…it has taken me more than one hour to write this as I run out to clean up the mess! I was getting frustrated yelling “COME ON! I JUST WANT TO GET THIS DONE!”, when I realized the irony of what I was writing about!  I stopped and thought about how blessed I was to be home right now so she wouldn’t be getting sick inside my house!! And I could be here to baby her and tell her it would be okay….




Hello. My name is Phylis…and I am a procrastinator!

I am giggling to myself as I write this confession. I am about 3 weeks late on blogging ( I have LOTS of storylines filled out in my journal), but something I am finding out about myself is that when you are someone who has suffered trauma in their life, sometimes it’s hard to concentrate and get the job done!

The funny thing is I am very organized once I get going, it the start of things that has me trapped like a caged animal. I battle with things in my head that paralyze me to do nothing, or worse yet, I fill my days with lots of little things that aren’t really productive. So this year I have been working on me; lots of working on me, which I will share more of this year and I am seeing where I can flourish and grow.

My two words that I received from God this year is “Grow and Go!”. I love this because He is showing my where I can grow and He definitely has been showing me where I need to go to be the most helpful and encouraging. He is also showing me areas where even though the work is good, it may not be a good fit for me! This is where my wheels start spinning and yet I’m going nowhere! Sometimes, our procrastination comes from knowing deep down that this is not the right path for us and so we spin around trying to make it work or fit and we end up doing nothing good.

In 1Corinthians 6:12 it says:

“I have the right to do anything” you say- but not everything is beneficial. “I have the right to do anything” – but I will not be mastered by anything.

In this context of the bible they are talking about sexual immorality, but you can place this verse in many areas in you life.  Procrastination can become a “master” in your life if you let it, so work on changing that and finding things that have true meaning to you in your life….I know I am!